act/play the goat: deliberately behave in a silly or foolish way: “Stop acting the goat or I'll send you out”

Act the Goat is a celebration of cooking and music. Cooking for the hell of eating, music because it makes everything better. It’s born from a couple’s love of wyling away nights being silly around the cooker to new sounds and enticing smells while a dog runs around their feet getting in the way.

It’s a collection of recipes and tunes from us to you in the hope that we can help and encourage our era of people to cook, eat, listen and act the goat in style. Please enjoy irresponsibly.



Act the Goat is Max, Charlotte & Benji. A couple and their dog from London.

As the founder of Broken Culture, Max brings the musical tips. Find him buried in crates of Hip Hop, Drum & Bass, Soul or Jazz. In the kitchen, he loves to experiment with bold flavours and spices to bring eastern and soul food influences to the table.

Baker extraordinaire and queen of presentation, Charlotte brings comfort food in spades as well as finessed pastries, snacks and puddings. The don of a dinner party, she’s known for feeding the clan with football snacks and extravagant dinners until they struggle to leave.

The definition of actin’ the goat, Benji brings the silliness. He likes nothing more than to lie on his back airing his balls or chase shadows around the kitchen. He’ll often turn his nose up at Kibble, preferring the finer flavours in life. All our Doggystyle treats are thoroughly endorsed by him and a gang of pals he sniffs bums with on walks.


Our food is about pushing the boat out and feeling a bit special, but it’s designed to be easily achievable, whether it’s quick weeknight munch or a long lazy Sunday. We don’t believe in going to the end of the earth to source a special ingredient. To us, shop bought pastry is just as good as making your own as long as the end product tastes the same.

If you tell us ‘couples that train together stay together’, we’re not gonna take it lightly. We’re not gym rats and don’t much go for diets, but we do like to eat healthily and well. It’s about food with sustenance that feels awesome. An extra glug of oil is worth it if it brings a dish together, but Act the Goat is a deliberate movement away from the perils of weeknight takeaways and carb overloads. Keep an eye out for the ‘healthy’ tag if you’re watching those gym points.

Charlotte’s also lactose intolerant and Max is allergic to nuts (although for the right dish we’ll both put up with the luckily fairy minor side effects sometimes!), so watch out for a variety of allergy tags if you’re unfortunate enough to need them. We have intolerant spins on classic recipes that are nut-free, gluten-free, dairy free and more.